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Senseless is a literary thriller about torture, guilt, and moral ambiguity. Critics have called it the most disturbing novel ever written. Eliott Gast, a middle-aged American economist, is abducted in Brussels by a shadowy anti-globalization group. He spends forty days in a white apartment, questioned and tortured by his captors, every moment broadcast on the Internet. His mind racing, Gast tries to explain why he is here, unearthing sins both small and large. Originally published in the U.S. days after the 9/11 attacks, Senseless is a cult classic that continues to resonate internationally and has been made into a UK feature film (Watch the trailer).

“Startling in conception and disturbing in what it says about our times.”

— J. M. Coetzee

“Small like a stick of dynamite.”

Publishers Weekly

“Kafka in overdrive.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

”Combines the taut plotline of a made-for-TV thriller with the ruminations of a sophisticated literary novella.”

— Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer

“A horrific, brilliant, and eerily touching novel. I read it in one sitting – couldn’t stop reading it – and it left my head spinning.”

— Richard Preston