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Give + Take

Ross Clifton is a brilliant jazz pianist—and an even more talented thief. He steals millions of dollars in diamonds and BMWs and gives all the money away. But his life as a latter-day Robin Hood is about to come to an abrupt end. Fast, funny, and felonious, Give + Take takes you on an economic shakedown cruise. Published as the first Concord Free Press novel, Give + Take is now out in commercial editions throughout the world.

Give + Take is a smart and original novel that flies from beginning to end. Its voice is both seductive and addictive. A real discovery.”

— Richard Price

“Fitch deftly juggles big questions about how to live your life with a page-turning plot that would be the envy of many conventional thriller writers.”

— Doug Johnstone, The Scotsman

“An epoch-defining parable.”

The Washington Post

“Wickedly funny, Give + Take is a virtuoso novel, one whose heart beats loudly and with its own beautifully idiosyncratic rhythms."

— Megan Abbott

“It is pure wicked fun, falling in with the players and scammers of Give + Take.”

— Jess Walter

“An intelligent crime novel with incisive social commentary, written by one of the best practitioners of the genre around.”

— Woody Haut